Paperless information management system for events

Imagine that you can have your own wireless network. And your own cloud. In just a few minutes, wherever you want, without having access to the telephone network. It is possible with CHAtU Events!

Chatu Events is an event solution that allows you to have a cloud platform and a private wireless network and make a qualitative leap in the way you connect with the participants and the audience. Regardless of the location of your event, Chatu Events offers you a reliable, efficient and economical system to distribute information in digital format and dynamise your event, while minimizing the ecological footprint of your activity.

What can you do with CHAtU Events?

Better experiences

Use your cloud as a platform for participation

With Chatu Events you can enrich the experience of those attending your events by organizing draws or competitions with direct participation by the attendees, sharing photos of the event, offering special promotions … You can also facilitate the exchange of information between the participants, giving them access to a shared cloud zone.

in congresses

Obtaining data

Offer services to registered participants

Obtain the data of the attendees to the event by activating the registration as a requirement to access certain contents or to participate in the draws and competitions. You can easily create or complete your databases.

iin sporting events

Less paper

Distribute the documentation of your event in digital format

Programs, maps, classifications, information on services, sponsors’ material … everything that you normally deliver on paper to assistants, upload it to your own cloud so that it can be downloaded … You will not have queues or you will never be stocked! Additionally, you will avoid paper wasting and the bad image of litter bins and containers full of papers around your event.

Bet on the digital format.

Join the movement #zeropaper

Més eficient

Més sostenible

Més econòmic

How does CHAtU Events work?

Once your Chatu Events solution is installed, users can access the cloud platform with their cellphone or tablet, with just two steps.

1. Connect to the event’s wireless network

CHAtU Events generates its own Wi-Fi network. To access the cloud of the event is required to connect to the network beforehand.

2. Access the cloud platform of the event

The WebApp of the event can be accessed by scanning a QR code or directly accessing the URL

Create the interaction points

Set up information and interaction points to show users the Wi-Fi access data and how to connect to your cloud.

We provide templates so you can customize your points of interaction and show them in your displays. And if you want a full digital event, show them on screens!

Do you want to know how Chatu Events adapts to your event?

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Advantages of CHAtU technology

Avantatges de la tecnologia


CHAtU Events allows you to generate your own Wi-Fi network (connected or not to the Internet) anywhere and have a cloud server to distribute the documentation in digital format. The scope of the network can be expanded as much as you want by interconnecting several CHAtU devices.


Avoid using printed paper, transporting and storing catalogs, flyers, guides … It will help protect the environment by making rational use of resources and reducing CO2 emissions. And you will have a competitive advantage in the municipalities where the reduction of paper is a requirement.

Economical and practical

You can digitalize all the informative materials, including the catalogs of the sponsors, and avoid the costs derived from the printing and distribution of documentation with paper. And the attendees will not have to load a mountain of papers, they will have it all on the phone with two clicks!





CHAtU Events, the technological solution for all kinds of events

Sports competitions and races

Cultural events



Gastronomic fairs and events

Musical concerts


Trade shows

Trade fairs

Leisure Fairs and festivals

basic pack

With online technical support

Number of users: up to 50 simultaneous users
Maximum area: 400m2 diaphanous

We send you the devices so you can install and manage your CHAtU Events. We provide you with a QR code, a manual and permanent online technical support.

from 490€ *

* plus taxes

custom solutions

With installation and on-site technical support

Number of users: unlimited
Maximum area: unlimited

We design the most appropriate solution for your event, taking into account the number of users and the area to be covered. We also advise and configure the cloud platform to adapt CHAtU Events to the needs of your event.

Custom solutions include the presence of our technicians at the event, who will take care of installing and managing the CHAtU Events system throughout the event.

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How can we customize your CHAtU Events?

We offer you a range of complementary services to get the most out of your CHAtU Events:

  • Customization of the WebApp interface.
  • Custom design point of interaction.
  • Design and production of rollups.
  • Design and production of flyers or information sheets in digital format.
  • Video production

#Zeropaper solutions for sponsors and exhibitors

A cloud in each stand

​As an organizer, you can offer your sponsors and exhibitors at the event the possibility of having their own cloud with Wi-Fi access, which the public can access from their stand and surroundings.

This solution consists of the installation of a CHAtU Q3 device in the stand and is complemented with other services such as the creation of personalized QR codes, the uploading of the files of the exhibitor in the cloud, a manual of use and technical service.

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